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Best Vegan Cheese Cookbook

From the legendary San Francisco Cheesecake and Eggplant Parmesan to Caprese Salad and classic mac & cheese, plant-based cheese products (and in effect, vegan cheese cookbooks) have been a growing trend among those interested in helping animals, the planet, and their health without giving up the cheesy flavors they adore. 

That’s solely what inspired me to create this detailed guide on the best vegan cheese cookbooks. Together, these books feature thousands of succulent, hearty, people-pleasing meals that include classic and speedy weeknight dinners and comfort foods, as well as global showstoppers. 

Here are my four best vegan cheese cookbook picks after spending hours scouring the internet and interviewing fellow vegans.

1. Vegan Cheese: Simple, Delicious, Plant-Based Recipes

vegan cheese cookbook

If like me, you believe that all recipes can be elevated by the addition of cheese (plant-based or otherwise), this is the first cookbook I recommend trying. 

With this Vegan Cheese: Simple, Delicious, Plant-Based Recipes cookbook, Jules Aron, the author, takes the intimidation out of navigating the realm of vegan cheese and offers you 60 dairy-free recipes that range from sliceable and sharp to mild and creamy. 

Thanks to her green-lifestyle expertise, Aron also shares some of her favorite tricks of the trade for making cheese you can slice or grate, sauces, and even soft, spreadable options. And she shows you how to do all this using vegetables, homemade nut milk, and natural helpers like nutritional yeast, agar-agar, and probiotics.

Another trend you’ll quickly notice while perusing through the pages is that she enhances her flavorful creations with spices and herbs. That explains why her creations cut across the board and will accommodate those looking for more complex challenges as well as those who’re into straightforward solutions. 

My favorite meals from this vegan cheese cookbook include Camembert, Olive & Pepper Cheese Terrine, Triple Peppercorn Cheese, American Cheese Slices, Swiss Cheese, and Gorgonzola.

2. Artisan Vegan Cheese

artisan vegan cheese cookbook

Here, Miyoko Schinner, queen of vegan cheese, teaches you to make easy but delicious vegan cheese meals while keeping you posted on what has been happening with the dairy industry. 

A vegetarian since she was 12 (her abiding love for animals was the main factor behind the decision), Schinner opted to take it a step further and go fully vegan (check out our tips for vegan beginners here) after learning about the horrors of the dairy industry. While she loved cheese, she couldn’t bring herself to support its manufacturing processes. 

As she points out in the book, she came to the unfortunate conclusion that even small farms that claim to truly care about animal welfare couldn’t (ultimately) have the cow’s best interests at heart (someone has to watch the bottom line, after all, right?).

Luckily, Miyoko Schinner loves challenges. So, after coming to this conclusion, she set out to learn everything she could about ways one can make vegan cheese that tastes just as (if not more) delicious than regular cheese. She’s been perfecting the art since the 80s, and this vegan cheese-making cookbook is the perfect sneak peek into everything she learned during that period.

Using her book, my husband and I were able to whip out an array of sophisticated vegan cheese flavors, like Smoked Farmhouse, Black Ash, Rustic Alpine, and Double Cream Chive. 

If you’re after a vegan cheese cookbook that can also help you whip up something quick on days you need to leave your home in a hurry, Miyoko has still got you covered. The cookbook also features recipes for almost-instant sliceable cheeses and ricotta, as well as an array of tasty dairy substitutes, like yogurt, crème fraiche, and vegan sour crème.

3. Super Easy Vegan Cheese Cookbook

super easy vegan cheese cookbook

If you’re scouring the internet looking for the most affordable introduction to the realm of vegan cheese making, this Super Easy Vegan Cheese Cookbook by Janice Buckingham could be just the perfect fit for you. 

The book features easy-to-follow guides on making rich and creamy vegan cheese, as well as recipes for using the cheese in the end. Using the 75 recipes, I was able to make cheese sauces, pressed cheeses, semi-hard cheeses, soft cheeses, spreads, fermented cheeses, hard & aged cheeses, and even cultured cheeses. NOTE; This was the first time I had attempted to make vegan cheese.

Now onto the downsides. Like all things, this super easy vegan cheese cookbook had its downsides (which varied from one person to the next in the vegan community.) The downside that stood out to me is that it’s not detailed with as much imagery as other vegan cookbooks. I guess that’s to be expected from a highly affordable option.

That said, note that Buckingham did a terrific job explaining everything well. I had no problem following any of her instructions, even though I was a total beginner.

4. The Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook

best vegan cheese receipt book

After buying Skye Michael Conroy’s “The Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook,” I want you to get into your kitchen immediately and try the following recipes: Marshmallows, French Brie & Camembert, Gruyere Melts, and Gorgonzola. These were my absolute favorites, and you’ll find out why. 

Now back to the book’s general review. Skye Michael Conroy, also known as The Gentle Chef, is an officially declared expert of all things plant-based. I’m yet to hear of something he can’t veganize. 

After spending decades teaching people how to make meals like seafood, seitan, and everything in between, he now shares his Non-Dairy Evolution with the world. The book is all about cream, butter, milk, and cheese. Basically, all the things you were worried you’d miss on plant-based diets in one easy-to-follow cookbook. Even MARSHMALLOWS. 

What else? Chef Skye’s recipes do not come with any nutritional information. He firmly believes that some meals should be eaten for pleasure, and you’d be hard-pressed to argue with that.

Here is your chance to eat for the love of eating and not feel guilty about anything.


Nothing is more appetite-inducing (and motivating) than picking up a brand new vegan cheese cookbook and thumbing through the vibrant, multicolored pages brimming with new recipes you can try. That’s especially true when all the recipes are plant-based and made with accessible, non-intimidating ingredients. 

With that in mind, like me, grab your favorite vegan cheese cookbook from the list above and be on your merry way to preparing exciting plates of food brimming with health benefits and filled with flavor. 


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